Monday, March 9, 2015

Middle School Monday: The Crossover by Kwame Alexander

The Crossover by Kwame Alexander

Josh, "Filthy McNasty" Bell is at home on the basketball court. He can make 20 free throws in a row and he is faster and slicker than any other middle schooler out there with the possible exception of his twin brother, Jordan. It helps that their dad is a former college basketball superstar and drills them on the basics as well as sportsmanship and the way to live life.

The two Bell brothers have been on the same track for their whole lives. Basketball, school and sneaking Krispy Kreme donuts with dad. But, when a girl enters the picture and takes most of Jordan's attention suddenly the brothers aren't in sync. Add on to this the fact that his parents are fighting about his dad's health and suddenly Josh seems to be on a losing streak both on and off the court.

But, can he find a way to get his mojo back? Or find a way to make everyone in his family just relax for once? And how can he get back in step with Jordan?

This is the Newbery winning book of last year! It's fun, quick and smart. And you'll quickly see why it's got so many stickers on the cover, as Josh works his way into your heart and make you quickly turn the pages 'til you've finished The Crossover all in one go.

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