Monday, March 16, 2015

All Fall Down by Ally Carter

You knew that Katie was going to be on top of any new books from Ally Carter, right?

 All Fall Down by Ally Carter

The start of a new Ally Carter series is always a cause for celebration. Whether she’s taking on the world of spies, art thieves, or, in this latest case, foreign embassies and political intrigue, she never fails to offer up the sort of action-packed, read-in-one-sitting sort of adventure that make her books so compulsively readable.

The first book of the Embassy Row series finds us in a foreign (fictional) country, where Grace Blakely has come to live with her grandfather, the ambassador, at the American embassy. Grace has been here before. In fact, she has happy memories of this place from when her mother was alive.

But her mother was murdered, and now more than having fun, Grace wants to prove to people--and maybe ever herself--that she isn’t crazy and that the murderer is still out there. When the opportunity comes along to prove both these truths to all of Embassy Row, Grace propels her new group of friends into a mystery that no one, least of all Grace, is truly ready for. What the fallout means for her and all of Embassy Row is a question that will leave you ready for Book #2.

All Fall Down has all the building blocks we’ve come to expect from an Ally Carter book--strong heroine, intrigue, mysterious boys, amazing friends--but the mystery here was much darker, the twists more surprising. Ally Carter is stepping up her game in this new series. It should be a fun ride.

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