Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Up and Coming: Bone Gap by Laura Ruby

Our Librarian M has an early prediction for one of the best of the year:

Bone Gap by Laura Ruby

Release Date:  March 03, 2015

One day Roza showed up in Finn and Sean’s barn. She ended up staying with them and everything was great until a mysterious man showed up and took Roza away. Finn was the only witness of the abduction, but he can’t remember enough about the man to give the police any leads and eventually the town dismisses his story. Since he feels somewhat responsible for Roza’s disappearance, Finn decides he should be the one to save her.

This is a beautiful modern fairy tale about love and evil in a small town. Each chapter alternates viewpoints so we get to know the story from many characters’ points of view and backstory is filled in in a natural and satisfying manner. Recommended for older readers who loved Tom McNeal’s Far Far Away (see our posts).

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