Thursday, February 5, 2015

Lies We Tell Ourselves Week: You Oughta Be in Pictures

Today we're casting the movie version of Lies We Tell Ourselves by Robin Talley that clearly needs to be coming to big screens pronto! Don't forget that the author will be doing an interview with us on Friday!

Sarah Dunbar played by Keirsey Clemons
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from twitter
Keirsey is all over the place, in the upcoming movie Dope that's making a splash at Sundance and on small screens in MTV's Eye Candy and Amazon's Transparent. We think she'd be amazing as the the seriously smart, strong and stoic Sarah Dunbar. 

Linda Hairston played by Molly Quinn
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from twitter
Not only does Ms. Quinn steal the show on NBC's Castle, but she's the voice of supergirl and many a YA audiobook as well. We think she can do the whip-smart and speaks-before-she-thinks thing very well and will therefore make an excellent Linda.

Ruth Dunbar played by Amandla Stenberg
 image used under cc license
from flickr user: Eleanor
Amandla broke our hearts when she played Rue in The Hunger Games, now she's one of our favorite's on Fox's Sleepy Hollow. We think she'd be a perfectly snappy and tough Ruth.

Jack played by Colton Haynes
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from flickr user Thibault
You guys know we love Teen Wolf (see our posts) and this alum could definitely pull off the gym teacher in training thing.

Mr. Dunbar played by Don Cheadle
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from flickr user  Sustainable_OS_2012
 We are bringing the star power for Sarah's father. We think Don Cheadle would nail the roll of a man working behind the scenes of a newspaper and daring to tell his story despite the fact that he might lose his job for it.
Mr. Hairston played by Damian Lewis
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from flickr user  Renee Barrera
We're sorry to do this to Lewis because Hairston is such an unlikable character, but we know that Lewis (from Showtime's Homeland) has the chops to portray him. He's a stuck in his ways, my-way-or-the-highway guy in all aspects of his life and that would need to be in the big screen adaptation.

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