Friday, January 23, 2015

The Starbound Trilogy by Amie Kaufman and Meghan Spooner

Katie tells us about the first two books in an other-worldly trilogy:

The Starbound Trilogy by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner

I’m branching out in 2015. Way, WAY out, as it may be in this case. (That’s a lame space pun, although the branching out bit is actually true.) The first two books of the Starbound Trilogy (These Broken Stars and This Shattered World), if taken only at face or cover value, may just look like a couple of he-said, she-said romances. But what Amie Kaufman and Meaghan Spooner have put together here is one part romance and every other part a tightly plotted, edge of your seat, sci-fi experience.

First, imagine the Titanic as a sci-fi thriller. If that seems awesome (and, I promise, it is), start here. These Broken Stars introduces us to Lilac, daughter of the most powerful man in the galaxy, and Tarver, recently promoted military captain. While they may live on the same spaceship, they exist in very different orbits and Lilac is intent on keeping that way for reasons she’d rather not explain, until something far more sinister than fate brings their spaceship crashing to an uninhabited planet. The story of Lilac and Tarver’s survival alone would be a tale worth telling, but there’s much more here than meets the eye. As Lilac begins to see and hear things, kindling fears that she is going mad, the suspense rapidly builds, ultimately shattering in the most shocking of ways.

This Shattered World is set on an entirely different planet, Avon. This planet is inhabited but no less mysterious than where Lilac and Tarver crashed several months before. Avon is a planet where the cloud cover never relents and the visitors all seem to be driven to a point where they violently snap. This Fury, as it’s called, unsurprisingly does nothing to subdue the constant stirrings of revolution and war that are barely held in check by the current cease fire. Jubilee has been stationed on Avon to keep the peace, and for reasons no one understands, she’s managed to avoid succumbing to the dangerous Fury longer than anyone, making her practically a legend on the planet. Meanwhile, Flynn just wants freedom for his people, and if that means kidnapping Jubilee or taking the even greater risk of working with her, he might just be crazy enough to try. Once more, Kaufman and Spooner throw together two people from very different worlds with shocking twists and a very dark mystery that Liliac and Tarver had only begun to understand.

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