Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Teen Review: Uzumaki: Spiral Into Horror by Junji Ito

We are very excited to introduce a new teen reviewer, Lucy is a long time Middle School TAB student and an aspiring writer. We are so happy to have her reviews on the blog!

Kirie Goshima has a normal life. She has a normal boyfriend, a normal family, and she lives in a normal town. Or so she thinks. Soon inexplicable events start occuring in the town of Kurozu, all involving spirals.
The first victim is her boyfriend Shuichi’s father. He becomes obsessed with spirals, and eventually manages to contort his entire body into a spiral shape and dies. After his death, Shuichi’s mother develops an intense phobia of spirals and is hospitalized. She also eventually dies while trying to rid her body of spirals. (Like fingerprints and the cochlea in the inner ear.)

Shuichi becomes convinced that the town is haunted by spirals, and eventually, Kirie has to agree with him as the horrors grow more and more grotesque and terrifying. How will they survive in this town of horrors? Or will they become haunted by the spiral?

This manga series by acclaimed horror artist Junji Ito is truly a treat if you love horror. While the concept is strange, it’s executed in a style that draws you in. The sense of doom hanging over the town is almost palpable by reading it. The characters are intense, and, while they could have been developed more, especially Kirie, they were interesting to follow through Ito’s art. The eerie atmosphere of the story creates a sense of anticipation for each twisted sequence of events. This series is definitely a must-read for horror lovers.

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