Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I Second That: 100 Sideways Miles by Andrew Smith

100 Sideways Miles by Andrew Smith

Finn Easton is both a teenage boy with epilepsy and the main character in a popular book about aliens. Thanks to his father including his name and physical characteristics in a best seller sometimes the real Finn Easton isn’t sure where he stops and the book character begins. Add struggles with epilepsy to the mix and Finn is spending a lot of time pretty convinced he is unlike the other teens at his high school.

One person who grounds him firmly in the real world is his pal Cade who is the button pushing smart alack that strikes fear in the heart of history teachers everywhere. When new girl Julia takes an interest in Finn, he is forced to decide once and for all where the fictional Finn ends and he begins.

This is part buddy road trip story, part introspective coming of age story, part father and son story and all heart. Andrew Smith has shown that he is a force to be reckoned with in YA lit and this is book is hilarious, bizarre and super readable. 

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