Monday, November 10, 2014

Notes from Y'allFest: James Dashner Keynote Edition

Last weekend, TATAL correspondents Nico and Kady went to Y'ALLFEST, the biggest YA Festival in the country. They'll be bringing you the low-down on what they learned:

Things we learned about James Dashner from his keynote opening:

-He was not an overnight success: he worked as an accountant for seven years and wrote when he wasn't working every day.
- The Maze Runner had to be rewritten a bunch of times before he sold it.
- When he's beginning a new book, he writes an outline for one day, then writes a first draft all in one go, where he doesn't let himself look back at all.
- He hates going back and revising.
- He did not see the full version of The Maze Runner Movie until the premiere. When it was finished he shook and cried and couldn't believe how much he loved it.
- He's starting to write another prequel to The Maze Runner that will look at Thomas and Theresa's earlier lives. You should look for that on your shelves in 2016.
-Eye of Minds is shopping for directors right now!
- He says, if you want to be a writer, practice a lot. Write everyday. Go to events where you can interact and learn from authors. Writing takes practice, you wouldn't sit down at the piano and expect to be awesome right away, so why would you do that with writing? The important thing to do is ignore the voice in your head that's telling you that your writing is terrible.

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