Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ms. Marvel (vol. 1) by: G. Willow Wilson ; artist, Adrian Alphona

Ms. Marvel (vol. 1) by: G. Willow Wilson ; artist, Adrian Alphona

Kamala Khan is a high schooler who spends a lot of her afternoons hanging out with her friends at the local convenience store where one of them works. Her parents don't want her to go out to high school parties, so she spends a lot of time online reading about the Avengers.

But she's a little jealous and so one day she sneaks out to a party. Then the city's attacked by blue mist and Kamala suddenly finds herself with Captain. Marvel's powers... wait, what? That's right, this isn't your every day high school story, this is an ORIGIN STORY!

Kamala is our new Ms. Marvel and she is awesome! She's a Muslim-American from New Jersey who is just trying to figure her life out. Now she's got some super abilities to add into the mix. In this first volume she attempts to deal with the lowlifes that her friend Bruno's older brother has gotten mixed up with. But, has she bitten off more than she can chew? How can she figure out how to get a handle on her powers with no one to teach her all while she's trying very hard to keep them a secret from her family (and the rest of the world)??

Grab this gorgeous graphic novel and get in early on Kamala's adventures! 

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