Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bottled Up Secret by Brian McNamara

Bottled Up Secret by Brian McNamara

Brendan is a popular member of the drama club, with lots of friends both at his Catholic School and outside of it. But, he's realizing that none of these friends really know the whole truth about him. Brian's gay and he's not exactly sure how his conservative family is going to take the news.

But, when he does get up the nerve to tell them, Brendan's friends are accepting and so finally there's one part of his life where Brendan can be entirely himself. That is, until he catches the eye of a cute soccer player. Marc has only ever liked girls before and his feelings for Brendan totally take him by surprise. He's not ready to deal with the idea of labeling himself as gay, so he wants to keep any relationship he might have with Brendan a secret.

For Brendan, who has been trying to live his life as open as he can, that's asking a lot. Is a relationship with Marc worth taking on a new secret? How can he keep this from the friends who he just asked to accept him?

This is a book with not a lot of easy answers. Brendan is about to embark on a whole new life when he leaves for college in the fall, but he's still struggling to make the life he's going to leave behind into something real. He's going to Catholic school in a conservative town and even though things are a lot easier than they would have been in the past, it's still doesn't feel all that rosy. McNamara brings us a very realistic romance that has a lot of obstacles in its way.

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