Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Trish Doller Week: Listen and Read

To get ready for Friday’s Interview, we’re bringing you a week of posts dedicated to Trish Doller’s Books! 

Today is all about girl power:
Tegan and Sara- "Shock to Your System"

Tegan and Sara are such a strong, fantastic girl duo. They're sisters, amazing song writers and they put on one seriously awesome concert. I love how powerful their music is while still really making you want to dance. "Shock to your system" is the perfect thing to put on when you have to power through something and you need the extra push.

Where the Stars Still Shine by Trish Doller  (see our full review)
Tegan and Sara need to be paired with a worthy girl narrator and Callie is up to the task. She's been reliant on only herself for as long as she can remember. The shock to her system is that the father who she's grown up thinking abandoned her has actually never stopped looking for her.

Now she's dropped into a family she doesn't know in a town she doesn't know. If there's ever been someone who needed a song to turn up to eleven to help her keep on keeping on, it's Callie.

That refrain, "what you are is lonely" would hit really close to her heart. The challenge she faces in Where the Stars Still Shine is whether or not she can open her heart to let anyone else, when she's learned to keep up her defenses at all times. 

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