Friday, September 12, 2014

Tomboy by Liz Prince

Did you know that SPX (Small Press Expo) is in Bethesda this weekend? If you're a comic book or graphic novel lover, you may want to check it out! To get in to the spirit of SPX, Librarian M is here is a brand new memoir:

Tomboy by Liz Prince

Liz knew from an early age that she did not like to wear dresses--in fact, she felt most comfortable wearing boys’ clothing. Unfortunately, her peers did not feel comfortable about her wearing boys’ clothing and Liz spent her adolescence being bullied for her appearance and trying to find a group of people who accepted her without her needing to change.

That all sounds kind of dire, and some parts of this memoir are sad and anger-inducing, but it is also very funny and satisfying when Liz does find someone to connect with. I recommend this book for anyone who has ever felt like an outcast for any reason.

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