Friday, August 8, 2014

Flashback Fridays: Sekret by Lindsay Smith

Librarian M has the perfect psychic spy novel to add to our trip to the sixties:

Sekret by Lindsay Smith

I’m sure for the 60s you guys were expecting a book about hippies, Woodstock , or Vietnam. Instead I offer you: psychic teens in the Soviet Union!

It’s the early 1960s and Yulia has found herself forcibly recruited for the KGB’s psychic squad. She doesn’t want to help the state, but her captors are holding her family’s safety over her head, so she works hard to develop her powers and help the KGB uncover American spies who are trying to steal the USSR’s space mission secrets. Between her power-mad boss, the other psychic teens she lives with, and the scary American “scrubber” who is after them, Yulia doesn’t know who to trust or how to extricate herself from her seemingly impossible situation.

At this point in history Russia is still reeling from Stalin’s rule and many Russians don’t think that Khrushchev is an effective leader. Yulia is trying to navigate a lot of uncertainty and the story becomes more and more compelling the more Yulia learns. Try this unique and exciting book to visit a version of the 1960s you may never have experienced.

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