Monday, July 28, 2014

Anywhere But Here by Tana Lloyd Kyi

Anywhere But Here by Tana Lloyd Kyi

Cole is over it. He's over being the guy whose mom just died. He's over his long-time girlfriend and he's over his tiny hometown outside of Vancouver. Cole would be happy if he could take off tomorrow to make documentaries but he can't cause there's still another year of school to slog through.

The key to getting out is to get in. To film school that is. And so Cole begins a documentary project of his own. But the people he talks to don't give the answers he was expecting. Infact, many people in his life surprise Cole. But, one surprise might derail all of his plans.

This is a book about a guy who is making stupid choices and there are very few people to call him on them. Even he knows that he should be choosing a different path, but he's so detached from himself after his mom's death that he can't be bothered to do the right thing. Cole is definitely the guy in your English class who could have done his homework no problem, but doesn't ever seem to have it. But when the stakes get raised more than he ever thought possible, he's the only one who can put the brakes on his destruction.

Ms. Kyi has a really nice way with her characters. Hannah, a girl who has been dismissed by the rest of the girls in his town for her looks and the way she dresses turns out to be a solid friend with a good sense of humor who doesn't take the drama of high school too seriously. His best buddy Greg is also dealing with family stuff, but he still makes time to deal with Cole. Cole may take them for granted, but they make Anywhere But Here all the more interesting.

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