Thursday, June 19, 2014

Take Me On by Katie McGarry

Take Me On by Katie McGarry

Hayley has more than her fair share of trouble and that's before she meets West. Her family is out of the homeless shelter, but it's unclear if they're much better off staying with Hayley's uncle who rules his house with an iron fist. Also, her brothers and grandfather don't trust her after she gave up the sport that they love- kickboxing. The last thing she needs is a rich boy who doesn't seem to understand that she doesn't need saving.

West doesn't see things like that. He sees a girl who was being chased down dark streets and didn't seem particularly happy that he stood in between her and her persuers. Haley is a mystery and one nice thing happening in his messed up life. A life where he blames himself for a car accident that his sister is still recovering from- and one where his dad is more than happy to agree. Haley doesn't know that he's a disaster, for once someone might see West as something other than the screw up son.

But if he wants to prove his worth to Haley he has to first find a way to settle a grudge between Hayley and her ex-boyfriend. To do that, he'll need Hayley to step back to the place she never wanted to go back: the ring.

Katie McGarry is a secret queen of teen lit right now. When I've been on school visits and to book clubs, the girls have been more excited for her new book than almost any other this summer. It was definitely one of the books I was most looking forward to as well. Her books are perfect for the hot days of summer, full of crazy drama, super high emotions and super high stakes. Take Me On definitely lives up to all the promise of McGarry's previous books. West and Hayley have just the sort of connection that readers of her books will be looking for.

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