Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Lit Spotlight: Reading Slumps

Reading slumps, we all have them. Those periods when nothing jumps off the shelves at you, even when you know that there are lots of good books coming out every day. Maybe you're too busy, too stressed, too hooked on Netflix? What can be done?

Though the reading slump may go on and on without logic, we've put together a tool kit to try and help you through to the other side:

Option One: Reread
Reread your faves, if nothing new is sparking your interest, maybe an old favorite is the way to go:

Friday Lit Spotlight: Falling in Love with Rereading 


Option Two: Start with a movie
Not feeling the pages? Start with the screen instead. These movies will hopefully lead you to some great books as well.

Here are all our book and movie pairings 


Option Three: How about something someone else loved?
If your feelin' the slump, you don't need to be messing around with books that aren't up to snuff. Instead, fight your ennui with some solid recommendations.

Here are our favorite books from last year.


Do you have any secrets to getting over the dreaded reading blahs? Let us know!

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