Friday, April 4, 2014

You Oughta be in Pictures: Feed by M.T. Anderson

Sometimes when we read, we like to think cinematically and dream of our favorite movies up on the silver screen. Today, Rachel takes a stab at casting M.T. Anderson's creepily on point look at the future of technology...

Feed by M.T. Anderson

I finally got around to reading Feed by M.T. Anderson and am so disappointed that I waited so long! It’s a wonderful book that explores, through a sweet and sad love story, the consequences of our ever-more-sophisticated technology, without being heavy-handed. It would also make a fantastic movie.

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 Titus: Our narrator and main character is fully immersed in the feed that connects his brain to his friends, family, and the myriad corporations and products out there to make his life comfortable, fun, and frivolous. Taylor Kitsch played my hands-down favorite character in the TV series Friday Night Lights as the moody bad boy with a heart of gold, Tim Riggins. Substitute “moody bad boy” with “superficial follower” and “heart of gold” with “a hidden depth” and you’ve got our Titus.

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Violet: Kristen Stewart has the darkness of Violet’s caustic wit and piercing intelligence. KStew can also handle Violet’s mood swings as her downward spiral progresses, being in one moment awkward and unsure, and in the next judgmental and defiant. But she also has the same delicate beauty that made Violet so vulnerable and appealing to Titus.

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Quendy: After her stint as Hermione in the Harry Potter series, Emma Watson has proven her chops as a great female friend to a male lead. Quendy, while overly obsessed with trying to fit in, really does have her heart in the right place and gives support to Titus and (through Titus) Violet as Violet’s health deteriorates.

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Link: I had to cast Link because how could you not cast a clone of Abraham Lincoln sprung from DNA scraped from Mary Todd Lincoln’s assassination-night skirt? Link is big and ugly, but Violet finds herself surprisingly attracted to him before Titus catches her eye. Adam Driver is my pick for Link—big and broad, not Hollywood-handsome, but winsome in a different way.

Used under Creative Commons License from Juanky Pamies Alcubilla

Mr. Durn: Violet’s father is a quirky throwback to pre-feed times, using long words in conversation saturated with sarcasm whenever he opens his mouth. But he loves his daughter and is devastated by her demise and by Titus’ treatment of her. Sean Penn seems like he could take on the role of a heartbroken father who continues to march to the beat of his own drum.

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