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Up and Coming: Open Road Summer by Emery Lord

Open Road Summer by Emery Lord

Release date: April 15, 2014

Reagan is the type of girl that doesn't let many people in. There's her dad and her best friend and that's about it. But weirdly, there are entire stadiums full of girls who sing her name every night, which is what happens when your best friend also happens to be Lilah Montgomery, teen queen of the country songwriters. Since her main confidant has been on tour for the last couple years of high school, Reagan's hasn't been doing that great a job of dealing with her own issues, so when Lilah (known to the people who actually know her as Dee) asks her to keep her company on her first headlining tour she jumps at the chance to have a vacation from her life.

Life on the road is definitely a break from lockers and college application and it's a chance to catch up with the girl that Reagan would do absolutely anything for. It's also stepping into the crazy world of paparazzi and gossip magazines that Dee has been trying to make the best of. Then there's Dee's opening act, a former boy band member who is trying to get his solo career off the ground. Reagan might have an immediate spark with Matt Finch, but she is way too aware that what seems true under the bright stage lights doesn't often hold up in the real world. But, by waiting for that real life to start back up, will she miss out on the chance for something amazing and true?

There is a lot to like in this debut novel. Maybe my favorite thing is how true Dee and Reagan's friendship feels that to any girl who has a true blue friend of her own. They aren't frenemies or girls with a weak bond between them that might give way at the first sign of trouble, instead they are the type of friends who immediately can tell something's wrong, even if they aren't in the same state. They are the type of friends who know what is guaranteed to make the other one laugh, even in the worst times. And, they're the type of friends that you don't often see in YA. Open Road Summer revolves around Dee & Reagan's friendship, and I think the fact that it's rock-solid makes this novel all the more enjoyable.

Another refreshing thing about this romance was that the guys in the novel are actually people a person would want to spend time with. Matt Finch, the former child star, is a good guy who is working really hard to be taken seriously, not only by the music world, but by Reagan. Then there's Dee's exboyfriend back home, who didn't want to stand in the way of her path to becoming Lilah. Both of these guys have faults, but they're also both given the chance to show their strength of character as well.

If you're looking for a novel that is going to leave you with the strong desire to jump around, singing all the words to your favorite singer along with every other person in the audience at a big concert, this is the book for you. Reading Open Road Summer will also make you take a double take  the next time you're standing in the checkout line and see the latest pics of that starlet-turned musician hooking up with that notorious bad boy of country music and wonder what's actually going on in that photo.

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