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Teen Wolf Week: Top 5 Werewolf Romances for Scott

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We're devoting our week of book lists to MTV's Teen Wolf which you can catch up on with our help!

Since he's the main character, it seemed only right to have our first Teen Wolf themed book list be for Scott McCall. Scott is a lot of things: lacrosse player, mediocre student, recently bitten werewolf.  But, above everything else, Scott's a true romantic.

The Wolves of Mercy Falls Series by Maggie Stiefvater
Shiver is the first book in the The Wolves of Mercy Falls series by Stiefvater. In it you meet Grace, a high school student who has had a fascination with wolves since she was little. There is one particular wolf that she keeps seeing, she can tell it's him by the color of his eyes. This is not a good time to be a fan of wolves in Grace's town. A popular high school student was recently killed in a strange incident involving a pack and now hunters are preparing to thin the wolves numbers.

When Grace rescues a guy who's been injured by ahunter's stray bullet, she feels an instant connection. But, that's when she notices that his eyes look strangely familiar...

Raised by Wolves Series by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Bryn has spent almost her entire life obeying the orders of Callum, her pack leader. Since her parents were killed in a terrible attack, he's the one has protected and cared for her. Bryn has never, even for a second, doubted that he had the pack's best interests at heart until she finds a newly turned wolf locked in a cage. Finding Chase, the boy in the cage, sets Bryn off on a mission to reexamine everything she knows about her pack, will she be brave enough to deal with the consequences of what she uncovers?

Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause
Vivian loves that she and her clan can run through the woods as wolves. She can shake off the long school days and the boring worries of her day and be her animal self. She's mostly uninterested in the meat-boys and girls she spends her days with... until she meets Aidan. This human boy gets under her skin in a way no one else has before. But, how can she have feelings for someone she can never really reveal her true self to

Hold Me Closer, Necromancer by Lish McBride
Hold Me Closer Necromancer features a motely group of friends who are brand new to the supernatural and have to learn on the go, just like the McCall pack. Our hero Sam has just discovered that he's a necromancer-someone who can raise and communicate with the dead- when he's kidnapped and thrown in a cage. To get out Sam's going to have to rely on Brid, the beautiful and fierce werewolf trapped in the cage next to his.
Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer
We had to include the most well known paranormal teen romance of recent memory. Jacob may not be the main love interest, but this werewolf is one major scene-stealer:

Bella thought that she was moving to a rainy and extremely boring small town. Instead she finds herself caught in between two young men who are really both hiding the kind of secrets you expect to find in monster movies, not at a school dance. In this epic romance she'll have to choose between the two of them and find her place in this new, surprising world.

To round out this romantic look at weres, here's a little love song from musician Josh Ritter. You know that Scott would have no problem slow dancing with Allison to it.

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