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Teen Wolf Week: Top 5 Not Your Sidekick Books for Stiles

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We're devoting our week of book lists to MTV's Teen Wolf which you can catch up on with our help! 

There is no better best friend than Stiles Stilinski. He's the guy who will follow you into the worst sorts of jams without question. He's loyal to a fault and he and Scott would and have gone to the ends of the Earth to help each other. But just don't call him a sidekick. 

Our list for Stiles includes five books where characters started in the background in another book, but were such scene stealers/amazing characters that they ended up becoming the head honchos in a companion novel or sequel. These guys were not to be ignored.

Dangerous Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl
We've talked here before about our love for Ethan Wate's best friend, Wesley "Link" Lincoln. He's goofy, loyal and totally in love with Ridley Duchannes, a dark caster who has gotten him into more trouble than he previously knew was possible. After going on some seriously intense (like fighting to save the world kind of intense) adventures in order to help his buddy Ethan and Ethan's true love- Lena, Link is back and ready to get his rock-star on. Unfortunately, his new band mates turn out to be more the dark-caster instead of head-liner kind....

The Piper's Son, Melina Marchetta (see our posts)
 After his favorite uncle's sudden death, Tom watches his family implode, drops out of college, and turns his back on music and everyone who matters. The road to redemption is long for Tom, but he finds himself back in the company of the girls who had once been the center of his world, and with their help as well as the support of some new faces, Tom tackles the daunting task of putting back together his broken family... with plenty of music and laughter and love to balance out the heartache.

Okay For Now by Gary D. Schmidt
Thoughtful, funny, and life-affirming, Doug Swieteck’s story of being the new kid in Marysville, struggling with a troubled father, helping his Vietnam veteran brother get back on his feet (figuratively), starring on Broadway, and falling a little bit in love is the sort of book that reminded me why I love reading. It’s the sort of book that will make you laugh a lot, maybe cry a little, and inspire you to connect more with the people around you.

Timepiece by Myra McEntire
Kaleb Ballard is not the kind of guy you'd think is in touch with his emotions. At 6' 3 with piercings and tattoos, he looks like your average trouble-maker. Which, to be fair, he is. But he's also an empath-- he can read your emotions from across the room, whether he wants to or not.

Being part of the Hourglass Organization, a network of people with all sorts of these "special abilities" hasn't made Kaleb's life easier. His mother's in a coma and the man who attempted to murder his father seems to have the ability to slip back and forth across time for his own evil gains. No one seems to trust Kaleb enough to give him the details of all the craziness that is clearly going on. Without that, how is he supposed to help the people he cares about? (see the full review here)

Crash Into You by Katie McGarry
Crash Into You is the story of Isaiah Young and Rachel Walker, part romance, part street racing saga. Like Pushing the Limits (see our full review)and Dare You To (see our full review) before it, Crash Into You doesn’t shy away from the tough issues--broken homes, poverty, and mental illness. Nor does it skimp on drama. It sucks you in from the word go, when Isaiah and Rachel’s lives collide one night at a street race gone wrong. 

These two opposites attract over the course of that one night, but Isaiah is the foster kid the world has forgotten and Rachel is the center of her family’s universe, their baby girl, the one everyone wants to protect, and the road ahead of them isn’t going to be easy. To make it work they have to overcome their own fears and insecurities in addition to taking on a gang that wants nothing more to bring them down.


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