Monday, March 3, 2014

Cool Program Alert: Duct Tape Wallet Making

Welcome to Katherine, the fabulous librarian over at Westover Branch Library. She's got the low-down on an awesome program you are not going to want to miss:

Join us March 20 from 3-5pm at Westover Branch Library to craft a duct-tape wallet to call your own! (or for a friend!)

We will have a plethora of duct tape in different colors and patterns. Or bring your own roll for a one-of-a-kind wallet design (Swanson Middle School students can purchase cool patterned duct tape at Ayer’s variety store on their way to the library). Library staff will show you how to turn that duct tape into a fantastic wallet to hold your library card and your dough (dolla ,dolla bills ya’ll!). Then if you like, you can customize your wallet with pop culture magazine clippings.

If you can’t make it or want to try your hand at duct tape creation at home, check out these Duct Tape Project books.

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