Thursday, February 27, 2014

Spoils by Tammar Stein

Spoils by Tammar Stein

When Leni was little, her family won the lottery. That sounds like the beginning of a fairytale. The kind of story where the girl ends up with a prince charming and a pet dolphin. Instead, it's the kind of story where her winning all that money brought her family nothing but trouble and when her parents really did try to get her a dolphin for her birthday she called animal protection on them.

But that was when she was a small girl, now she's almost eighteen. Almost eighteen and the only money remaining from the family's lottery winnings are stored in her trust fund. Leni's been planning all along to just give her parents the money, but when her sister corners her and tells her the money is cursed, she suddenly has a million dollars hanging over her head in a way she never did before.

Add to this a full slate of marine biology courses, a guy she used to know and a possible angelic intervention and you have one stressful birthday week. Is she really ready to let her parents down in order to do the right thing?

This is not your average YA book with angels. Instead, it reminded me a little of a slightly paranormal A.S. King novel. Leni has a lot of people counting on her to do a certain thing with the cash they've left her, but at the same time no one seems to trust her enough to tell her what's problems they're really dealing with. She's supposed to be adult enough to decide what to do with a million dollars, but everywhere else she's treated like a child. Tammar Stein spoke to our teens about writing well-rounded characters and Leni is clearly one. If you're looking for a really unique look at the consequences of hitting the jack-pot, this one's for you.

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