Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ringing in 2014: Our Reading Resolutions

image used under cc license from user  foxypar4
Are you the type of person who resolves to do things differently for the New Year? This year, the crew at TATAL is ringing in 2014 by making some reading resolutions of our own.

My resolution is to actually READ the library books I bring home instead of just looking at their pretty covers on my table (and then having to bring them back, unread, before I get fines!)


My goal for 2013 was to read 100 books (not including picture books). Right now I'm at 94. So I think 2014 my goal will be 100 books again, but I'm going to extra challenge myself to diversify within that. At least 20 will be adult titles and at least 30 will be middle grade or earlier elementary. Because I read a lot of YA and I'm relatively sure there are other things out there.


Revisit old novels I never finished and read them. Read some classics. Buy all of the books I love.

Remember to return books from the library because I have so many fines right now and it's not ok!

1. Slow down and savor books more.
2. Read more stand alone titles.

My resolution is to finish reading the 5,000 or so pages of Game of Thrones that I have left in order to complete the series :)


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