Friday, January 3, 2014

Read This, Watch That: Fast Cars Edition

Katie wrote this even before a tribute to Paul Walker became a nice thing to want to have on the blog.

This is for anyone who has a weakness for bad boys and fast cars. Or even just one of those things.


Author Katie McGarry understands those weaknesses. Nico already wrote a spot on review of this book, but to recap: Crash Into You is the story of Isaiah Young and Rachel Walker, part romance, part street racing saga. Like Pushing the Limits (see our full review) and Dare You To (see our full review) before it, Crash Into You doesn’t shy away from the tough issues--broken homes, poverty, and mental illness. Nor does it skimp on drama. It sucks you in from the word go, when Isaiah and Rachel’s lives collide one night at a street race gone wrong. These two opposites attract over the course of that one night, but Isaiah is the foster kid the world has forgotten and Rachel is the center of her family’s universe, their baby girl, the one everyone wants to protect, and the road ahead of them isn’t going to be easy. To make it work they have to overcome their own fears and insecurities in addition to taking on a gang that wants nothing more to bring them down.


If Crash Into You leaves you wanting more, check out Fast Five (PG-13) on DVD. This movie franchise has made its name on fast cars, racing culture, bad boys, and a touch of romance. And what’s most amazing to me is that this is a series that actually gets better with time. Fast Five is a adrenaline-driven story that never takes its foot of the gas about overcoming the worst of odds, friendship, cars, and an insane heist plot. You get the feeling that in another world, Paul Walker and Vin Diesel would be best friends Noah Hutchins and Isaiah Young, taking on the world together, fighting against the odds, and always looking for the next adrenaline rush--whether it be behind the wheel or in love.

If you like your entertainment plot driven, your cars fast, your characters beautiful and damaged, then this is the perfect book-movie combo for whiling away a winter day.

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