Friday, January 31, 2014

Radio Week: "Stronger" by Kanye West

Our amazing teen reviewer Mira finishes off Radio Week with what has got to be the PERFECT song and book pairing.

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell (see our posts)
Hello TATAL blog! It's been too long. I'm going to combine my radio week pick with a book that I just finished as in like a day ago. It was so good that I cannot even deal and words are a thing I'm having trouble with. After much hesitation I decided to pick up Rainbow Rowell's new book, Fangirl, from the library earlier this week. Best decision of the week.

 Fangirl is about Cath and Wren (yes, as in "Catherine" but…not), twin sisters who live in Nebraska with their maybe overly dependent dad. The book revolves around the fictional Simon Snow series. Cath and Wren have been very active in the Simon Snow fandom, and started reading the books when their mother left when they were eight. Cath writes fan fiction and is super famous in the Simon Snow fan fiction world (anonymously).

 The story begins as they leave for college, Wren having told Cath that after 18 years of living together she no longer wants to room with Cath at U of N. Cath feels alone in college, with a roommate she barely talks to who has a cute boyfriend who is always in the room. Her professor in her fiction writing class doesn't think fan fiction is real writing, and her classmate Nick who she begins writing with. She also has to worry about her dad, alone in their house for the first time. 

The story is beautifully written, with epigraphs of Simon Snow excerpts both from the books and Cath's fan fiction at the beginning of each chapter. The relationships are real and very natural, and Cath is the most relatable character I've read in a long time. I love her character so much because she's not perfect, or popular, or letting her whole world revolve around one person for the entire story. I also loved how the story didn't end when she had a boyfriend--in fact, it was only about halfway finished. My absolute favorite part of the book was when Cath has an "Emergency Kanye Dance Party" which needs to be a real thing in my life asap. She knows all the words to all the Kanye songs which is absolutely hilarious, since she's the last person you would expect in the book to listen to Kanye West and enjoy it. Which is great. 

My Radio Week pick for this book is…what else…

Kanye West- "Stronger"
It's such a perfect Emergency Kanye Party song and I hope you have one when you finish reading this awesome book.

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