Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Radio Week: "Lets Dance to Joy Division" by the Wombats

Kady's got a song and book pairing that is ready to recommend to your most music obsessed friend.

The Wombats: "Let's Dance to Joy Division"
This song, man. This song. To be honest, this is the only song I've ever heard by The Wombats. I couldn't tell you if they're the best band ever or if this song is a fluke but every time I decide to see what else they have to offer, I end up just listening to Let's Dance to Joy Division on repeat. This song makes appearances on all my playlists these days and gets stuck in my head for hours at a time, and I don't even care. It makes me smile and it makes me dance every. single. time.

This Song will Save Your Life by Leila Sales (see our full review)
Elise, hiding up alone in the DJ booth, is always on the lookout songs that will fill the dance floor in Leila Sales absolutely brilliant This Song will Save Your Life. She's just an underage kid, a loner at school, rejected by her peers, trying to carve out a place and a space for herself as the hottest new DJ at the hottest underground dance club in town. Of course to do so Elise has to lie to everyone in her life- her new friends at the club, her parents at home, even her teachers at school- the old Elise would NEVER have fallen asleep in class. As her DJ skills progress and her fame grows, so do the lies and the stress to keep it together. But Elise can't help herself, she's truly herself for the first time in a long time and really shouldn't she just embrace it and scream out for everyone listening to her spin to "dance to Joy Divison/ and celebrate the irony/ that everything is going wrong/ but we're so happy/ Let's dance to Joy Division/ And raise our glass to the ceiling/ This could all go so wrong/ But we're so happy"

Yeah. We're so happy. And while you're at it, check out the actual song by Joy Division that this song is referencing- Love Will Tear Us Apart. Love Will Tear Us Apart had its own moment in the YA sun last year when it served as the catalyst for a key bonding moment between everyone's favorite odd couple- Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell (see our posts).

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