Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Off With His Head: Top 5 Headless Boys on Book Covers

 We're having a problem: everyone's losing their heads! And, it's not just French queens who seem to be a little short above the shoulders either. Here are our top five books featuring dudes who have had too close a shave.

Lucky Fools by Coert Voorhees (see our full review here)
David is a senior at a prestigious California school, the kind of school where you're expected to have some pretty exceptional post-high school plans. But David's got everything riding on one dream, Julliard. He's been the lead in his school's plays year in and year out, and there's nothing else even remotely interesting to him. And he figures, basically, go big or go home, right? But when a prankster threatens the big fish on campus, he can't quite decide if he wants to be targeted or not.

 When You Were Here  by Daisy Whitney (see more posts)
At 18 he never thought that he would be the person who would have to make decisions about what to do with his parent's property or his mom's unused cancer drugs. But, he is and it sets him apart from the rest of his friends and even the girl that he used to be in love with. With nothing holding him to his childhood home, he takes off to Tokyo to at least retrace some of his mother's last days.

Personal Effects  by E.M. Kokie (see more posts)
There weren't a lot of bright spots in Matt's life to begin with and now that his brother, TJ, was killed in action, it feels like all the light's been sucked out completely. Matt's basically a powder keg with no way to keep himself from exploding. But, when his family receives foot lockers full of TJ's possessions, Matt gets a glimpse of what his brother's life was really like and it sets him off on a journey to finally know his brother. Can setting his brother's secrets free help Matt unlock his own heart?  

When Love Comes to Town by Tom Lennon (see our full review)
Neil Byrne plays football, hangs out with his friends and is well liked at school. He's getting sick of being the fifth wheel on double dates and constantly getting set up with friends of his friends' girlfriends. It's especially worse because this is the 90s in Ireland and Neil is living in the closet. His parents are traditional and Catholic, Neil fears that if they found out that their youngest son liked boys they'd kick him out.

Somebody Please Tell Me Who I Am  by Harry Mazer and Peter Lerangisby
Ben's friends are all going off to college and talking about their dorms and scholarships, but he keeps his plans a secret until the last minute, he's joining the reserves. His best friend Niko and his girlfriend Ariela are surprised but supportive. When Ben suffers a traumatic brain injury while he's deployed, Ariela and Niko rally around his parents and his autistic brother Ben. At their high school graduation, none of them could ever have guessed what the first year out of school would bring.

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