Friday, December 13, 2013

Up and Coming: The Killing Woods by Lucy Christopher

Librarian M is back with this dark mystery that will publish in January. To be the first one to read it, place your holds now: 

The Killing Woods by Lucy Christopher

Release Date: January 7, 2014

One dark and stormy night, Emily’s father walks out of Darkwood forest carrying a girl she knows from school. Ashlee Parker is dead and since Emily’s dad can’t remember what happened out in the woods, he is arrested for murder. The whole town is convinced that her father killed Ashlee while suffering a PTSD flashback. Emily is the only one who doesn’t think her dad did it, but she’s beginning to question herself more every day.

Damon was Ashlee’s boyfriend and he is suffering his own drug- and alcohol-induced memory loss from the night that Ashlee died. They were playing the Game with his friends in the forest that night and he thinks he probably walked her to her shortcut home, but with no recollection he can’t be sure.

The Killing Woods is a mystery, but it is also a book about kids who are dealing with having lost a parent to combat. Damon’s father is dead and Emily’s came back a different person. Their alternating narratives let the reader into both of their heads and while Emily’s story is a bit stronger at first, nearer the end of the book Damon’s really develops into something quite

Try this one if you like alternating narrators, returned soldier stories, or murder mysteries.

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