Thursday, December 12, 2013

Champion by Marie Lu

Rachel got to see Marie Lu at Y'ALL Fest, so of course, she had to read her series! 

Champion by Marie Lu

In this final installment of the Legend trilogy, June and Day are both working for the Republic, though in two vastly different ways. June has become a Princeps-Elect, shadowing the handsome Elector Anden to train to become the next leader of the Senate. Day, meanwhile, is reunited with his younger brother Eden, nursing him back to health after being used as a science experiment by the previous Republic Elector, while also trying to keep his own terminal illness at bay.

A peace treaty with the rebel Colonies to the east is on the horizon when a new plague spreads across the Colonies’ front lines, causing any possibility of a treaty to crumble unless the Republic can come up with a cure for what the Colonies say is a Republic-engineered sickness. The Republic believes that Eden holds the cure in his blood, forcing Day to make a choice between protecting his beloved brother (his only family left) and saving the future of his people.

It turns out to be a false bargain anyway when the Colonies stage their attack, quickly taking over the Republic before they even have a chance to prepare. While Day teams up with the Patriots to bring down the Colonies guerrilla-style, June struggles between toeing the party line as a high-ranking member of government and following her instincts to fight alongside Day.

This was a really satisfying ending to an intense trilogy. Though there are some teary moments and tense situations, Marie Lu stayed true to her action-packed roots with this exciting conclusion.

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