Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tom Ryan Week: Read This, Watch That: Fate Takes a Hand

Sometimes the jocks, the nerds and the weirdos get end up together in one place and magic happens. That's the theme of today's Read This, Watch That post which also happens to be part of our Tom Ryan Week! (Don't forget to check back here for his interview with us on Friday).


Tag Along by Tom Ryan
Getting ready for prom night seems like it takes months, getting the perfect dress, setting up hair appointments and hiring the limo. But, for these four teens, prom night is about to be anything but what they planned for.

Rather than being on the arm of the hottest girl in school, Paul is driving around, wondering why he can't tell her that his panic attacks are the reason he can't go tonight. Roemi's ready for his closeup, but his date has come down with a case of cold feet. Andrea's on the run from her mom and Candace is on the lam from the law.

They shouldn't be hanging out tonight, but fate's got other plans. If you like books that happen all in one night (and we do) you will be down for this fast moving novel. There's hijinks and romance and the chance for characters to learn something new about themselves because they aren't hanging out with the same old faces who tell the same old stories. Not only is this a great prom story, but it's a great driving around all night, eating terrible food and fighting the morning sort of story. Roemi, Paul, Candace and Andrea are in for one night they will never forget and it won't include taffeta or matching cummerbunds.


Can't Hardly Wait
Talk about a night that doesn't go as planned.
Preston is supposed to finally tell the girl he's been pining over for years that he's in love with her. Denise is just there to give Preston a ride and Kenny Fisher is convinced that this is going to be his night.

Instead, one faulty bathroom lock, one misplaced love letter and one angel with a stalled out car are going to give all of these seniors a night they never expected.

This is another look at a night when teens from all over the social spectrum of high school are thrown together for one night and can finally get a chance to look a little deeper. Also, it's got a great late 90s soundtrack, if you're in to that sort of thing (and we are).

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