Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Last Akway Week: Hannah F Tells us about her Favorite Book!

This week, the students of Kenmore TAB tell us about the book, The Last Akaway before our Friday interview with its author. Today, seventh grader Hannah F tells us about what she says is her favorite book!

The Last Akaway by Gary Karton

The Last Akaway is a fantastic combination of science fiction and fantasy.  What I loved the most about The Last Akaway is the journey that Gary Karton takes people on in the story.  There are twists throughout the story, like when Jake leaves Brody on the adventure, then comes back. 

When Gary Karton came to visit our book club, I asked him where he got the different character names from.  He told me that the two main characters, Brody and Jake, were the names of his two kids.  Brody’s best friend, Rudy, is the name of his son Brody’s real best friend.  Uncle Skeeta is Mr., Karton’s close friend in real life.  The book, The Last Akaway, is definitely my favorite book!
Hannah F

To find out which spirit animal you'd most likely have, take this quiz on the author's website.

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