Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Last Akaway Week: Mignote's Review and an Excerpt!

Today seventh grader Mignote T is here to talk about why she voted for The Last Akaway to be on her middle school TAB group's top ten:

The Last Akaway by Gary Karton

I think the book, The Last Akaway, is a very interesting and fantastic book.  Even the title sounds unique.  My favorite parts of the book were when the grandmother can’t hear what Brody and Jake are saying so she interprets what she thinks they said and it always comes out funny.  For example, when Jake said, “We’ll be right back”, Grammy said, “Who’s Jack and why do you want to bite him?”   I also like the whole plot of the book and how kids get powers based on their animals. 

 My TAB reading book club got to meet Gary Karton, and he was very friendly, funny and nice.  We asked him some questions and he answered all of them.  It turns out that the first version of his book was actually thought to be a little hard for kids to read, but my TAB group and I thought it was perfect and just right. 

Also, it turns out that the characters, Brody and Jake, are the names of his real kids.  How cool is that!  It was very nice meeting Gary Karton and hearing his story, and I hope we do it all again this year!

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