Thursday, October 31, 2013

Teen Review: Matthew S Takes Us Back to Olympus

Cherrydale's fantastic volunteer Matthew is back with a look at Rick Riordan's latest series.

The Heroes of Olympus – Rick Riordan

Many of you are orobably familiar with Rick Riordan’s books, including the famous Percy Jackson & the Olympians. However, if you haven’t heard of his work, I advise you to go out right now and grab yourself a copy of The Lightning Thief and come back to read this once you're done with the series (Though, I recommend avoiding the movies at all cost). 

The basic premise of Riordan’s world is that the Greek gods not only existed, but are still around and living in the modern world. They Gods have adapted some but still have children with mortals. These children (demi-gods) are then called upon to fight the monsters of Greek mythology.

 Riordan’s new series titled The Heroes of Olympus takes place in the same world and features many returning characters alongside fresh faces. In this series, Percy and his friends learn that not only do the Greek gods exist, but their Roman versions are real too, and they don’t get along.

It may not be fair to compare The Heroes of Olympus with PercyJackson & the Olympians, but if you are reading the Riordan’s new series, you most likely have read the one which preceded it. That being said, there are some changes between the two. The style has changed from being solely from Percy’s point of view and now features the perspectives of several characters in each chapter. In this sense, it’s become less about Percy and more of an ensemble cast. We now get to see the world through the views of multiple people and it’s interesting to see the way different characters are written. 

However, I (and many others who I have talked to) didn't feel as connected to the new characters in the same way I connected with Percy. In addition, some characters who you may remember from the previous series don’t seem to make their way back into The Heroes of Olympus. Riordan creates good reasons for why these characters don’t appear, but it doesn’t mean we want them to be forgotten. The books themselves also seem to take on a slightly different tone, after all, the cast has aged since the start of The Lightning Thief. Despite these gripes, the books are still wonderfully written, funny, and all but impossible to put down. 

Each book ending leaves you wanting more and if you’re just starting you should be glad that four out of five books are already out, otherwise you’d have to suffer for months like the rest of us as we wait for a new release, which just came out on October 7th.

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