Thursday, September 12, 2013

Two Boys Kissing by David Levithan

Two Boys Kissing by David Levithan

Craig and Henry are looking to set the record for the world's longest kiss. Which seems like a pretty romantic way to make a statement, but they aren't dating anymore.

Tariq is helping them prep for the event and will be part of their cheering section for the evening. Afterall, Craig and Henry decided to do this because of something that happened to him.

There's also Avery & Ryan, Neil, Peter and Cooper, all of whom are about to have two very important days.

These young men are all living their lives, unaware of the eyes who watch them, remembering their teenage years, happy to see the promise and chance of this new generation. Two Boys Kissing is as much their story as it is Craig or Henry's. If you have been moved by "It Gets Better" videos or Macklemore's "Same Love," you can maybe imagine what it is like for the narrators of this story who bear witness to how different life is for teens today (and how it is in some ways very much the same).

This is a book that you're going to want to stop everything else you're doing so that you can read it until it's finished. Levithan is always doing interesting things with the YA genre and that's what makes all the librarians here snap up his books as soon as they come out. But, a novel told from the perspective of a generation of young men whose lives were cut short by AIDS? It sounds like it should heavy handed or preachy, but instead it's very light and airy. There is so much love coming from these all seeing boys for the novel's main characters that it makes what would still have been a very sweet contemporary novel glow and turn into something very special.

There is no other YA book that I can think of like this one, it's that gorgeously constructed. Two Boys Kissing is romantic, poignant and at times brutal, just like being a teen.

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