Wednesday, September 4, 2013

DFTBA at Our Nerdfighter Party

Are you a Nerdfighter?

That's not someone who fights nerds! Instead "A nerdfighter is a person who is proud to be nerdy and intelligent, and who fights to decrease WorldSuck. Nerdfighters are not composed of cells and tissue, but instead made entirely of awesome."

They are also fans of YA Author/you-tuber John Green (and his brother Hank). If that sounds like you, come and join us for our Nerdfighter party on SEPTEMBER 14 from 2-4 pm at Central Library.

There will be trivia contests, cookie decorating, a card game where you can go back in time and kidnap baby villains from history (to raise them to be nicer people  instead of becoming grown up villians) and more!

If you are someone who says "French the Llama" and "Good Morning Hank it's Tuesday" or just someone who wants to have a fun Saturday afternoon, be sure and join us.

And, of course, Don't Forget To Be Awesome!

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