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The Infinityglass by Myra McEntire

Infinityglass by Myra McEntire

This is the third book in a trilogy, so we have to start off by saying go read the first book, Hourglass (see our full review) and the second book Timepiece (see our full review) and then come back and we'll start again.

As you can tell from those reviews up above, this is a series that I really enjoy. It's fun, exciting and full of super powers and kissing. Also, each book has a new voice, looking into the story behind the powers of each narrator. What's not to like?

Hallie has the kind of power that directors of superhero movies salivate over- she can change her appearance and I'm not talking disguises here. It's particularly handy for her to help out on her dad's somewhat shady business deals. It's a lot easier to case a place when you can come back on multiple days, looking like different people each time.

It's a fun power to have, but she's sick of being under her dad's thumb all the time. When she's not out on a job for him, he's obsessed with keeping her safe. However, when she starts to see the rips in time that normally only the time travelers can see, her dad isn't about to let up. Instead, he's looking for reinforcements and that's where Dune comes in.

Dune is a member of The Hourglass society and in the past, not the guy you'd expect to be bodyguard potential. He's normally much more at home behind a computer, providing tech and research support. Times have changed and Dune is ready to grow up, especially if that means solving the mysteries behind Hallie's evolving powers.

Myra McEntire writes super power stories with the heat turned all the way up. Each story in the Hourglass series has been on fire with chemistry between the main characters. This one is no different. Dune is normally a serious guy, while Hallie doesn't stay still long enough to take anything, or anyone seriously. This leads to some very interesting dynamics between the two of them when Dune's new assignment is to stick to Hallie like glue and make sure she doesn't get up to any trouble.

As the third book in the trilogy, this is also where all bad things that have been building in the fist two books really come together into a storm of time-twisting, end-of-the-world type events. Dune, Hallie and the rest of the Hourglass/Chronos crew (Hi Emerson, Michael, Kaleb, Lilly, Nate, Ava and Poe) are going to have to come together to see if they can stop the time rips from tearing apart life as we know it. Grab yourself a front row seat and get ready for a seriously fun finale.

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