Monday, August 5, 2013

Teen Review/ Alex Award Watch: The Way Men Act by Elinor Lipman

Our Alex Award Watch posts focus on highlighting books from the adult section that may appeal to older teens.  Maddy joins us as a volunteer from Westover Branch Library with a look at this darkly comic romance:

The Way Men Act by Elinor Lipman

The Way Men Act by Elinor Lipman goes through Melinda LeBlanc’s life as a florist in her small hometown of Harrow, Massachusetts. Shes stuck in a college town designing wedding bouquets for girls who she was way more popular then in High School. Shes given up on finding "true love" and resides with her mother who thinks shes given up on life. Melinda believes that 30 years old is the new 80 and her life is just a waste of time, until she realizes that true love isn't hard once you find who really cares about you. With guidance from her mother, Melinda realizes all things happen for a reason and a lifetime of happiness is just a few blocks away. 

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