Monday, August 26, 2013

From the Archives: End of Summer Reading to Make You Smarter

You know what they say about a spoonful of sugar? Well Kate, our College and Career Librarian is here today to give you some books that read like fiction, but will be giving your brain some helpful facts at the same time....

Summer job? Gap year? 
Headed away to college in the fall? 

Well, whether you are lying by the pool or staying firmly in the air conditioning, here are a few reads to entertain for the last few days of summer and to excite you about future plans…

Your parents want the best for you, right?  Surely they won’t mind you take a quick peek at some tips for the future.  Extremely readable and stuffed-full of pop culture references, Bissonette’s advice is sure to make you think ahead.  

 Want to delay the real world?  Have you thought about taking a year off between high school and college? 
Whether you want to squeeze a few of these activities into your summer or you are truly diving in to a gap year, this guide goes over it all – whether you should go, the benefits, what colleges think of gap years, how to do it, and how to do it for free.  Whether its service, arts & culture, adventure, sports, environment, wilderness, spiritual or even more school that you want, this book covers a multitude of opportunities just waiting for you to consider.  

If you’re a senior headed off to college, this book is worth its weight to take along for vacation. Easy to browse and full to bursting with tips from everything to getting along with roommates to finding the best classes (and surviving on the food), it's right on the mark. This book is built to be flipped through on a trip to the beach, hike up a mountain, in an air-conditioned studio. 

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