Friday, August 9, 2013

Fandom Friday: Kitties Take Over

In Today's Friday Fandom Post, Lisa discusses her love for our feline friends: 

When it comes to cat fandom, I must confess that I’m a convert. We always had dogs when I was growing up, and my family thought of cats as arrogant, disdainful creatures. We just didn’t “get” them. But when my children were little and persuaded me to get a cat (then a second cat, then a third cat…) I fell under their spell. Now I can’t imagine life without a furry feline!

Here’s a picture of our first cats, McKibbin and Casey. How can you not love pets that hold paws while they sleep?

Our youngest cat, Bailey (aka Mr. Flufflypants), is part Maine Coon, and we’ve learned that this breed is very dog-like. He greets us at the door, plays fetch, and follows me all around the house. Disdainful, he is not!
As everyone knows, there are PLENTY of dog books (including the hilarious No More Dead Dogs, which bemoans the number of books in which the beloved dog dies), but what’s out there for us cat lovers?

One of my favorite cat series is set in the near future and starts with Lion Boy by Zizou Corder. You know there’s adventure ahead when within the first several pages Charlie Asante’s brilliant scientist mother writes a note using her own blood for ink, and tucks it away telling Charlie, “If you need to go anywhere, take it with you.” Go anywhere? What’s she talking about?

Charlie finds out six months later when he returns from his tutor to find that both his
parents have been kidnapped. He learns this from Petra the cat. Did I mention that Charlie speaks “cat”? Thus begins Charlie’s cat-aided adventure to rescue his kidnapped parents. But don’t just picture house-cats! Charlie ends us on a floating zoo helping a lion tamer. There he makes a deal with the lions that he’ll help them escape if they’ll help him find his parents. Action abounds in this felineous fantasy series. (OK, I made that word up, but isn’t it a good one?)

One word of warning: Lion Boy is one of those series whose books always end on cliff hangers. You’ll want to have the second book, Lion Boy: the Chase, and the third, Lion Boy: The Truth, on hand to dive right into.

If you’re in a creative cat mood, check out Drawing pets: dogs, cats, horses and other animals . It begins with mini-lessons on perspective, movement and anatomy, so your cats will walk right off the page!

If poetry’s more your thing, enjoy Old Possum's Book of Practical cats by T. S. Eliot, the book on which the Broadway smash hit Cats is based.
Finally, if all you want to do is laugh, you can’t go wrong with Calvin and Hobbes!

Who needs dogs? We’re prepared to help you have a “cat-astic” summer!


Anonymous said...

Forgive my mother, she did not know what "fandom" means. But hey, the internet loves cat pictures, right?

nico said...

The internet totally loves cat pictures. And I think your cats deserve their own fandom :) They're cute enough!