Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Spotlight on Summer: Get Moving with a Bollywood Workout

Bollywood Workout, Tuesday, July 16, 5-6 pm at Central Library

If you love all things Bollywood, or if you just want a really fun workout, come to our Bollywood Workout on July 16, from 5-6 at Central Library.

To get inspired, watch Bride and Prejudice, the awesome take on Pride and Prejudice with a Bollywood twist. (Jane Austen must be shimmying in her grave!) We might not look as good as the dancers in the movie trailer, but we’ll have just as much fun. 

If you want even more Bollywood, read Bollywood Babes. In this sequel to Bindi Babes, teen sisters Geena, Amber, and Jazz recruit a Bollywood film star to help with their school’s fundraiser. Comedy and chaos ensue!

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