Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Spirit and Dust by Rosemary Clement-Moore

Spirit and Dust by Rosemary Clement-Moore

In Texas Gothic (see our review), we met the Goodnight family. A family who has a little more magic in their bloodline than your average clan. That book is awesome and full of witches and cowboys- which make a fabulous combo, by the way- and you should definitely check it out if you haven't yet.

But, I know you're going to ask me, can I start with Spirit and Dust??? Yep, reader you can (just promise me you'll go back and read the other one when you've finished, you won't want to miss out on it).

Where Texas Gothic was cowboys and witches, Spirit and Dust gives us one kickin college freshman psychic and the FBI. As the back of the book tells us, "Daisy Goodnight can talk to the dead. And something has them terrified." Daisy has been helping the FBI to solve a few cold cases and they bring her in when they're stumped and need an eye-witness, even if that eye-witness happens to have already shuffled off the mortal coil. But when agents Taylor and Gerard whisk Daisy out of chemistry and onto a Minnesota crime scene, she knows immediately that something is wrong.

Normally she can get a good read on a freshly departed shade, but this time it's like the spirit has been ripped apart. That's only the beginning of the problems, Daisy's been called in because the man who was murdered was supposed to be protecting a crime boss' daughter. Now the daughter is missing and the boss will leave stop at nothing to get her back, even if that means kidnapping a teen psychic to make sure that she will put her all into solving the case.

This is a high speed chase of a book. There are nefarious brotherhoods and double-crossers, invisible baseball bat attacks and mummies, mob muscle and dinosaur bones. If you are looking for a fast moving, fun, un-put-down-able adventure, this is the book for you.

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