Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Going on an Airplane or a Car Trip? Fill your E-Device with FREE Stuff from Us

Summer is prime time for trips. Vacations take us all over the place and for a reader, there is nothing more exciting than VACATION READING! Reading by the beach or on a plane, it's all good. But, these days, if you don't feel like bringing a stack of hard covers on your vacay, you can fill up your e-device with goodies. Don't forget, when you're downloading like a mad-person to prep for all your free time, don't forget that we can help!

Do you like to read magazines? Find out about Zinio:

Looking for streaming movies to watch on your trip (as long as you have wifi)? Find out about Indieflix. 

How about E-books and E-Audio Books? We have those too!

How about those tricky e-only short stories? Like ones that are for I am Number Four or The Lying Game? Yep, we've got those too!

This summer, the most important thing you'll pack (after sunscreen) is your library card!

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