Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Lit Spotlight: Vacation Fantasy

Cherrydale is sending us some wonderful reviewers our way. Today, another one of their volunteers, Katie S. stops by. Welcome!

Sometimes you just need to get away. If the summer heat has got you down, try stepping away to a more exotic location in one of these fantasy books:
Alanna: The First Adventure (The Song of the Lioness Quartet) by Tamora Pierce
Enter the vivid world of Tortall in the first book of this quartet. When Alanna’s father plans to send her to a convent to study magic and her twin brother to the castle of King Roald to train as a knight, both twins are distressed and decide to swap places. However, Alanna soon realizes that the road to knighthood is far from easy. 
Airborn (The Silverwing Trilogy) by Kenneth Oppel
Set in a steam punk parallel universe, Matt Cruse, a cabin boy on the passenger airship Aurora, and Kate de Vries, a wealthy heiress, join forces to prove the existence of a mysterious flying animal that lives in the skies. This fast paced mystery with a twist is sure to please.
Powers That Be (Petaybee Trilogy) by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough and Anne McCaffrey
Yana Maddock, a war hero forced into early retirement after a mission gone wrong, is looking forward to retirement after being assigned to the arctic planet of Petaybee, but people have been disappearing, the locals are acting suspicious, and strange animals have been spotted. Soon Yana is called in to unravel the strange occurrences, and discovers a mystery as big as the planet itself. 

The Merchant of Death (Pendragon Series) by D. J. MacHale
Bobby Pendragon has it all; he’s a star basketball player, he’s popular and he’s about to get the girl, but everything falls apart when his mysterious uncle appears on the night of an important basketball game and whisks him away to Denduron, a brutal world in the middle of a revolution. With steady action and cliff hangers, it’ll be hard to put this one down!

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