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Fandom Fridays: Hey Marshmallows, it's Veronica Mars

Every summer we like to devote our Fridays to something fun to make the dog days a little more bearable. This summer we're taking a look at the stuff we're passionate about, the stuff we love so much we want to be part of its fandom. What would your Friday post be about?

Katie takes our first slot with a look at a fandom that is coming back with a vengeance after fans kick-started a movie six years after the television show ended. 

from the official VM fb page

Summer Friday Fandom: Veronica Mars

There is a name that comes up in my posts frequently. You might have noticed. Love rockstar girl detectives? Check out Veronica Mars. Love a bit of noir in your stories? Check out Veronica Mars. Into breaking the rules, fighting for justice, or kissing bad boys/girls? Well, you get the point. Veronica Mars has all the things. And now it has a Kickstarter-funded movie in the works, so if you are not already a part of this fandom this is the time to join. I'll wait while you put the first season on hold.

from the official VM fb page
Okay, so while you watch your favorite scenes in Season 1 over and over (because, let's face it, it happens) and wait for the movie, here's a whole bunch of books for you to check out.

If you dropped Veronica Mars into Victorian England, I'm pretty sure you would get Sally Lockhart. From the man who brought us The Dark Materials trilogy, comes the story of a pistol-toting (Veronica, admittedly, is more of the taser sort), mystery-solving tiny blonde one who will dazzle you with her cleverness and bravery.

Kami Glass would call herself a journalist, not a detective. But for our purposes, she fits the bill perfectly. Indomitable spirit? Check. Insatiable hunger for the truth and justice? You bet. Kami is Veronica transplanted from sunny SoCal to a paranormal, gothic corner of England. And she's just getting started.

If Veronica Mars is the standard bearer for teen noir TV, then Judy Blundell is the equivalent for YA books. And nothing is more noir to me than the postwar years of the late 1940s and early 1950s, which is precisely when Kit Corrigan finds herself fleeing Providence for the neon lights of Broadway. But making it there is even harder than the song might have you believe, and she soon finds that nothing there is free and favors often come with strings attached. The cover alone is deliciously noir and that's just the beginning.

Sybella is who I think Veronica Mars might have been without father-of-the-year Keith Mars. She is a justice fighter all the way and definitely not someone you want as a enemy. Both girls have dark things in their past, and neither one of them is going to take on the future lying down. So what if one is solving a murder while the other is acting on the command of Death?

Kat Bishop is to teen art thievery, what Veronica is to teen crime solving. Tiny and independent, yet aware that they can't always do it alone even if they might not like admitting it, both girls manage to break all the rules and fight injustice with a little help from their (highly entertaining) friends. 

Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry (see our full review here)
And finally a pair of titles for those of you who love to love the bad boy. If you understand the appeal of Veronica's once-friend, sometimes-enemy Logan Echols (and you might not at first, but hang in there), then you need to meet Noah Hutchins. Because every good bad boy has a story of his own, and Noah's is a heartbreaker. And yet despite it all, he might just be what the equally troubled Echo Emerson needs.

Alex Fuentes is more Weevil Navarro than Logan Echols. And Fellow Veronica Fandom Members, how can you not love Weevil? (Answer: Impossible.) Weevil isn't just the kid from the wrong side of town with gang affiliations, and neither is Alex. As his past is revealed you can't help but hope that happier times are ahead for him if he can just keep himself out of trouble. This book is among the most fun of teen romances, and really, even the toughest of girl detectives have been known to indulge in that from time to time.

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