Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Book of Broken Hearts by Sarah Ockler

The Book of Broken Hearts by Sarah Ockler

Jude Hernandez pictured her summer after college as being carefree and full of time with her best friends as they enjoyed the last gasp of time together before going off to different colleges. But then her father got his diagnosis, quickly skidding Jude's plans to a screaming halt. Someone needs to take care of her father while her mom works her long shifts. Jude has four older sisters,  it they are already in the professional world with fast paced jobs and no vacation time. She may be the baby of the family, but this summer, she's they are counting on.

Both Jude and her dad are pretty sick of scrabble and fishing in no time at all. They need a project and Jude has got the perfect thing... Fixing up the classic motorcycle her dad has in the shed. Perfect except for one thing, the only mechanic who they can afford is a young trainee whose last name happens to be Vargas.

Jude has spent her entire life hearing horror stories about the Vargas boys from her sisters. The Vargas boys have black hearts. But, how can she say no to Emilio? He will just work on the bike, his black heart doesn't have anything to do with his mechanic skills.

Jude is a smart, capable woman with no time in her life for a black hearted boy. But, what about a guy who makes takes his job seriously, or one who calms her dad down when he has an "episode" even when her best friends would have run away. Is there time in her life for that guy?

Sarah Ockler is a force in contemporary realistic fiction. Her main characters have lives that are as complicated, interesting and full of uncertain choices as those of the teens who read her books. If you're a fan of Sarah Dessen or Morgan Matson and haven't checked her out, you are in for a treat. Also, set in the summer after Jude's senior year, you can't go wrong with The Book of Broken Hearts for a fantastic summer read.

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