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Middle School Monday: Doll Bones by Holly Black

Doll Bones by Holly Black

How many of you like to read creepy stories or watch movies that make you jump with fright?

For me, the freakiest movies or books are the ones where the scary parts are things that could happen, might happen, or are unexplainable. Who turned off the lights when you’re the only one home? Why does it feel like someone's watching you when you're

This entire book lives right in that not-quite-right spot.  If that’s your thing, you are going to need to get your hands on this book.

Zach has been friends with Poppy and Alice since they were really little kids. Now they are in junior high and they don’t even hang out together at school anymore, only after school. For years they’ve been playing a game that revolves around the incredibly scary doll Poppy’s mother keeps under lock and key in a glass cabinet. They call her “the queen.” All this time, her glass eyes have made Zach just a little nervous.

One evening, Poppy has a ridiculously real seeming dream about the queen, where the doll explained her gory past. Did you know that porcelain dolls used to be made out of ground up bones-- Animal bones of course, but what if the bones that were used to create this doll were something else? Something wrong? Poppy says that the doll will haunt them unless they find her a proper resting place.

This all sounds crazy and like a nightmare that can be explained away by waking up and having a glass of water. But can the three of them risk the consequences of denying the Queen’s wishes? What if the resting place isn’t easy to find? What if this is all a lot more than any of them signed up for?

Holly Black is no stranger to adventure stories as she’s one of the authors of the Spiderwick Chronicles, but this is more than just your average quest because this story doesn’t take place in olden times or in a fantasy world. It takes place just a short drive away in Pennsylvania.

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