Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Gorgeous by Paul Rudnick

Librarian M, known far and wide for her love of horror and disturbing stops by today with a comedy... color us worried!

Gorgeous by Paul Rudnick

Becky lives in a trailer park in Missouri and she figures she will probably spend the rest of her life in her small town working as a cashier. But then her mother dies and she finds a mysterious phone number that connects her with one of the most important designers in the world, Tom Kelly. Tom offers to make her three dresses and turn her into the most beautiful woman in the world. Oh, and of course there’s a catch – she has one year to find her true love and get married.

This is a familiar story, but Rudnick makes it new and entertaining. Becky and her friend Rocher (yes, she’s named after the chocolates) are profane and hilarious and their reactions to the new world they’ve been thrust into are priceless. The secondary characters (including a teen-heartthrob movie star and a prince of England) are fun and add to the hilarity. Check this one out if you’re looking to avoid soppy romances (sorry Nico, I kid!) and want a comedy with some teeth.

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