Friday, May 3, 2013

Teen Review: Neeka is Ready For You to Meet Your Next Big Dystopian Series

Teen reviewer Neeka is here to give you the latest on the next big YA dystopia that's heading to the big screen. Place a hold on your copy now, before the rush this fall!

Divergent & Insurgent by Veronica Roth

Have you ever had to wait for the conclusion to an epic saga you care so much about reading that you literally count down the days on your calendar to when the book comes out? Thanks to Veronica Roth, I’ve become hooked on the first two books of the Divergent trilogy; Divergent and Insurgent; and it’s consuming more of my thoughts than I’d like. You probably know about my love of dystopias, and thus one could rightfully assume that I am in love with Divergent.

This take is quite different. Erudite: valuing knowledge; Candor: valuing truth; Abnegation: valuing sacrafice; Dauntless: valuing fearlessness; and Amity: valuing kindness and love, are the four factions in Beatrice Prior’s world. Now Prior, like other sixteen-year-olds in future-day Chicago, is faced with a choice. Which faction will she join? Her final decision surprises even herself. Living through the initiation for the Dauntless faction would be hard enough for Beatrice (now Tris), what with all the jumping on trains, certain vile enemies, and a longing to visit her brother in Erudite and parents back in Abnegation. But the plot thickens when she meets Four, an incredibly interesting and complex character, and Tris’s initiation instructor. You’ll root for the two to get closer and closer as the series goes on. Also, Tris is no longer sure about her identity. In the simulation she had to take, the results came back...a little odd.

Traveling through the broad and unsettling world of Tris and Four will be as exciting as being right there in Dauntless, practicing aim by throwing knifes while PEOPLE WALK IN FRONT OF YOU. I wanted to enter their world. But then, at some especially climatic points in the two books, I’d rather stay safe with my paperback and the warmth of a desk lamp. Either way, I kept reading.

The characters are realistic and layered, and they make choices you’d never think possible. Shockers arrive at perfect, sensitive times and are executed beautifully. Dialogue and description, of course, are not left out.  Divergent is fast-paced but easy enough to get swept up in as tensions rise, there’s absolutely no reason why a sci-fi geek such as myself wouldn’t love this.

And the third book, Allegiant, is coming out October 22(in the US, at least). Meanwhile, catch yourself up by checking out the first two today.

Also-I’m pumped for the movie of Divergent (!) coming out in 2014. Shailene Woodley is expected to play tough cookie Tris, while Theo James co-stars as Four, and Kate Winslet (!) (I just really love Kate Winslet so I felt she deserved an exclamation) is playing the head of Erudite, Jeanine Matthews. I’d add a trailer, but there isn’t one out yet.

ARGH I’m excited.

You should be too.

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