Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Perfect Scoundrels by Ally Carter

Katie loves her some books about art thieves! We've got Ally Carter's newest one on our shelves, grab it today, before someone else steals it:

Perfect Scoundrels by Ally Carter

Will I ever get tired of reading about the exploits of well-intentioned art thieves, Katarina Bishop and her crew? I certainly hope not. Art, intrigue, suspense, jet setting, humor, friends, family, romance: all packed expertly into each book.

Perfect Scoundrels is the most personal (and, as one review I read said, perfect) Heist Society novel yet. Because this time the intrigue hits home for Kat when her boyfriend, W. W. Hale the Fifth, appears to be the target of someone’s nefarious plans.

In the wake of his grandmother’s death, Hale is given control of the family business, a move which changes everything for Kat and her crew. Hale has new responsibilities and a new set of enemies, and Kat isn’t sure where she fits into this new world of his. And then the big questions start--Had the will been tampered with? Was Hale really intended to take the reigns or is he the victim of a very clever, very crafty hoax? In other words, has Hale become the mark?

Kat and company agree to look into the situation, but everyone is keeping secrets, and its only a matter of time before distrust leads to disaster and someone is bound to get hurt. It is up to Kat to rally her family of forgers, con men, and thieves to Hale’s cause, whether he wants their help or not, because that is how family works.

Ally Carter knows her characters well, researches her plots magnificently, and makes the reader alternately sit up straighter in suspense, laugh at the quirky cast’s hijinks, and occasionally even swoon (let’s be honest, Hale is a rather swoonworthy leading man). Katarina Bishop is a bright star in her crime family, but it’s seeing the lengths she and her family go to for Hale that really warms the heart and makes the reader smile. As always, an incredibly fun ride.


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