Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Beach Week: Firecracker by David Iserson

Photo used under CC license from Susan Ujka's Collection
Kady believes that the best books to take to the beach are the hilarious ones....

Firecracker by David Iserson
Being rich- flighty rich, absolutely disgustingly rich- has its advantages. You can go to the best schools, you can live in an old rocket that your parents just happen to have in the backyard, and you can buy all the juice boxes that you could ever want. Being filthy rich because your family is by all accounts "the bad guys" of history-building their fortune by exploiting people, resources and entire developing countries- has its disadvantages. You can never have true friends, they're all accomplices or minions, and someone is always out to get you.

Astrid Krieger is one of the richest girls in the world and she's a bit of an evil genius. Astrid has also just been expelled from her fancy-pants boarding school. She's living at home again with her plastic surgery obsessed mom and model airplane enthusiast father, and she's being forced to go to public school (the horror!) and therapy for her manipulative ways (the indignity!). Someone is going to pay for this, as soon as Astrid figures out who got her expelled and how. The road to revenge is long and twisty though, and for Astrid it's populated with lovesick lunkheads, dopey sisters, girls with frizzy hair, maniacal grandfathers in wheelchairs, and (just maybe) a true friend.

Firecracker is one of the funniest books I've ever read. Astrid is a sassy, cutting narrator who gets right to the truth of the matter, sparing no one's feelings or ego. She's also a girl who is very used to the world working in a certain way, a way that she understands and can manipulate with the best of them. Watching her in a new setting, trying to figure out how to operate under a different set of rules is one of the best parts of the book. This is the perfect book to make the transition from school to summer with, so grab a juice box, find a sunny spot and laugh your way out of finals mode and into a well deserved break with Firecracker.

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